I think I am in True Love. But, is it possible to find love at 13? But there are tons of problems with this. The guy I like is 16, im 13. He lives in Colorado, I live in Virginia. Oh, and I found out from my cousin, that he was put into a mental institute! See every summer I go and visit my family in Colorado. That is where I met Josh. But the mental institute he was put in is in Denver, 2 hours away from where he lives! WHat am I going to do? I dream about him, but I can't think of him without my heart throbbing. Am I in true Love? I am I crazy for loving....I crazy person??? How do I stop the pain in my heart from not being able to see him? Should I tell him next time I see him???? HELP!!!!

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Comment by Muhammad Yameen on February 11, 2010 at 2:19pm
this is a movie story ..


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